Private Lessons

I am currently accepting new flute, oboe, and reedmaking students! Lessons with me are located at The Lesson Lab in Long Beach, California.

I am experienced in teaching all levels of playing abilities and all ages. I strive to make lessons fun and motivating. Topics covered may include, as appropriate:

  • Playing techniques (posture, fingerings, breathing, embouchure, tongue, etc.)
  • Tone quality and vibrato
  • Pitch and tuning
  • Beat and rhythm, musical counting
  • Ear training, critical listening
  • Practicing and focus techniques
  • Music reading/sightreading
  • Musical interpretation and phrasing
  • Music theory and history
  • Solo, chamber, and ensemble repertoire
  • Scales, exercises, warm-ups, and etudes
  • Instrument care
  • Reed adjustment
  • Reed making
Rates, billing, and policies are handled by The Lesson Lab. Current information can be found on their Tuition page. For scheduling and information, please contact Paula Hackett at (562)354-6800 or