Oboe repair demands extremely meticulous work with attention to detail and exacting tolerances. Contact me to make an appointment or if you have any questions!

Benefits to having your oboe repaired:

  • Improved response
  • Improved intonation
  • More even sound, matching the timbre of note to note
  • More ease of playing
  • More productive practice sessions
  • More enjoyment in playing
Oboe services available:
  • Emergency repairs, including crack repair and stuck swab extraction
  • Basic adjustments
  • Regular maintenance
  • Overhauls
  • Cleaning (body and keys)
  • Hand polishing silver plated keys
  • Bore oiling with grenadilla oil
  • Cleaning and oiling key mechanisms
  • Tenon corks
  • Invisible crack pinning
  • Spring adjustment and repair
  • Fitting keys to reduce play
  • Replacing torn, leaky, or missing pads
  • Converting to all cork pads
  • Adjusting and regulating
  • Silencing noisy/clicky keys
  • Key corks/bumper corks
  • Eliminating leaks
  • Optimizing key heights for best sound
Complete overhaul procedure:
  1. The instrument will be completely disassembled.
  2. The instrument, keys, and mechanisms will be gently cleaned and polished. Wood bodies will be oiled with grenadilla oil.
  3. Ill fitting tenons and cracks will be repaired.
  4. Tone holes will be sealed and dressed to improve the pad-to-tonehole seal.
  5. Springs will be replaced or adjusted as needed. Blued steel needle springs are available.
  6. Rods, screws, and hinge tubing will be cleaned and oiled.
  7. Keys will be refitted as needed on student model instruments and to exacting tolerances on professional quality instruments.
  8. Keys will be aligned and straightened.
  9. All pads, key corks, and tenon corks will be replaced with premium quality materials.
  10. Cork pads will be installed with high precision to seal with an extremely light touch.
  11. Key heights will be set and all regulations and adjustments will be completed.
  12. The instrument will be tested, allowed to settle, and readjusted as needed.